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What happens in a treatment session?

When a client you have referred comes for their first visit, I will take a medical history, check for cautions and contra-indications, expectations of the client and explain the remit and practicalities of the therapy. After this, the client is asked to sign an informed consent form. All client and treatment related information will be kept confidential and is subject to GDPR.

The treatment is provided on a comfortable reflexology chair or massage couch. There is no need to remove any clothing except socks and shoes. Your patient will be invited to relax and enjoy the benefits of therapeutic touch and one-to-one attention. Because I face the person while working on their feet, treatment time can also provide a valuable opportunity to talk and offload, something that may not always be possible in the short time a medical practitioner has with their patient. Occasionally, the client may feel areas of transient sensitivity or discomfort while being treated, in which case the level of pressure will be adjusted. Most people experience reflexology treatments as deeply relaxing and enjoyable.

Most sessions will take about 60 minutes. An additional 20 minutes should be allowed for the initial consultation at the first visit. At the end of the treatment, aftercare advice is given, which can help promote a sense of self-empowerment and encourage healthier lifestyle habits. Finally, I may recommend a course of treatments.


Should any concerns arise in relation to possible new health problems, the client will always be sensitively encouraged to seek medical advice and assessment as appropriate. 

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