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Privacy Notice

As a responsible therapist, it is of paramount importance to me to keep your personal and treatment data safe and confidential. Please ensure you read this notice carefully and feel free to ask any questions about my privacy practices.


This notice refers to data you disclose within the course of a reflexology consultation and /or treatment session with Melanie Lagan Reflexology and communication taking place via social media platforms in relation to the booking of appointments. Your information is managed by Melanie Lagan of Melanie Lagan Reflexology, providing treatments at Wetherby Physiotherapy Practice Ltd, Clifford, LS23 6JZ.


I collect data including your name, address, telephone number and email address, during personal consultations, telephone conversations or exchanges via social media in the context of booking and providing reflexology treatments (‘sensitive personal data’). In addition I produce and store data resulting from consultations and treatments which relate to your health history and treatment planning for each session (‘personal data’).


Your data is collected and processed exclusively for the administration of your client account and provision of reflexology services. This may include referrals to other health professionals and or delivering marketing communications in the form of a newsletter if you consent to this.


By you providing your contact details and details of your health history, you consent to Melanie Lagan Reflexology collecting, storing and processing these data thereby satisfying GDPR (General Data Protection Reform 2018) requirements for data processing.


The data you provide is treated confidentially – the only exception is in the event you disclose information indicating that you or another person could come to harm. In this case, I may need to share information with relevant professionals in the interest of safeguarding based on my duty of care as a practitioner. Anonymised treatment data may be used for research purposes with your prior consent only. Your data will not be shared with third parties for marketing purposes.


Sensitive personal data, i.e. personal identifiable information, is stored securely and separately from your treatment data, which are also stored securely and the latter only contain a key code representing your sensitive personal data, to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure to sensitive information. Treatment notes are kept in paper form and are not stored on a computer. Any sensitive personal data may be stored on a computer and will be password protected. Your personal and treatment data will be kept for 8 years in accordance with HMRC regulation and be destroyed thereafter by shredding.


Under the GDPR, you are entitled to access and control your personal data. This means you can ask to see the information I hold on you, to correct or delete it. You may also withdraw your consent to your data being processed. Complaints may be lodged with the Information Commissioner’s Office, but I would be grateful if you could please discuss any data processing related queries or issues with me in the first instance, in order to resolve any issues as I take the protection of your data very seriously. I may not be able to respond to your request to delete certain data if this would be prohibited by law, such as financial details which may be required for income tax purposes etc.


Please contact me via telephone on 07897 318873 or email if you have any questions or concern about my privacy practices, your personal information or if you wish to file a complaint.


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